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The Vine, Shavington and surround.

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On 06/Mar/2015 16:00 Kim Maddocks wrote:
Vinefest 2015
Hello just to let people know as there have no further plans submitted the VINEFEST IS ON 25TH JULY SATURDAY. .More news to follow

On 18/Jun/2014 16:26 KIM MADDOCKS wrote:
Hopefully most people will have seen the article with the car park photo in last weeks Chronicle basically stating thanks to all for the photo, Edward Timpson and New river retail. .Time now to get revved up for The Vinefest on Saturday 26.07.14 12.30 start ...see you there

On 16/May/2014 16:41 KIM MADDOCKS wrote:
New river update
New River Retail as promised visited Landlady Julie for the initial meeting. Amidst many issues dicussed the outcome that is of interest to us is that they have no plans to develop the pub both during the 4yrs to come with Marstons Brewery and after that when tenancies will be renewed.New River Retail have also committed to putting some finance into The Vine.

All good news really. Thank you for all for your support and it goes to show community action can work.The photo shoot has been used for the community asset bid and dealing with New River Retail. Now we know more of what we are dealing with I'm hoping the press will soon report and include the photo

On 08/Apr/2014 19:06 KIM MADDOCKS wrote:
New river update
Although details are unclear New River Retail have told Marstons that they no longer wish to develop The Vine.It is now back in the hands of Marstons who now wish to sign a further contract with Julie.The situation is in a better place than a few days ago...News to follow
Thank you for your support especially at the photo shoot

On 03/Apr/2014 17:08 KIM MADDOCKS wrote:
Edward Timpsons communication
Many thanks to Edward Timpson who wrote to New River Retail on our behalf. They replied to him stating that they have no intention of closing theVine.It does beg the question why did they buy it.Also in the letter they have committed to meet with Julie (the landlady) and customers.
The ball is now in their court.

On 20/Mar/2014 20:35 kim Maddocks wrote:
First Posting
News to follow : Edward Timpson is now on our side.

On 07/Dec/2014 14:06 Ian Hartas wrote:
The Vine Shavington - New River Retail's Planning Application
The Vine's website has been updated with details about the
planning application which has been submitted by
New River Retail.

There are links to the council's website where you can see
the application and to the page where you can submit
your comments on the application. Last date for submitting
comments is 31/12/2014

All the associated documents that we have been supplied are
also online.

Follow the link on the website's home page.