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The Vine, Shavington and surround.

Guest Beers and Ales at The Vine

Every month we have a selection of guest beers and ales to suit a variety of tastes. The list below is a selection of those that we have had on tap over the last few years. Click on the name to see its description.

Guest Beers and Ales

  • Banks's : Admiral Herkules
    Guest Ale :Admiral Herkules
     Bank's Admiral Herkules has a smooth but dry finish. It's a blonde beer that promises marmalade, citrus and spice aromas, derived from the interplay between the dual hop combo of English Admiral and German Herkules.
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :3.6% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Collosal Taste
    See :Straw Gold
    Smell :Herbal, Citrus, Spice, Floral
    Taste :Herbal

  • Banks's : Black Diamond
    Guest Ale :Black Diamond
     Black Diamond is quite a conundrum. Dark in colour, yet light in palate, rich yet refreshing, the looks of a Stout, but very much a Bitter, hints of dark malt, but with a blast of aromatic hops. Seeing isn't believing - but tasting is!!
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :4.5 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Deep Hoppy Ale
    See :Copper
    Smell :Spicy hop, aromatic herbs
    Taste :Fresh, peppery hop

  • Banks's : Botanical Beer
    Guest Ale :Botanical Beer
     The ingredients of the Fruit have been carefully chosen, however, to complement and accentuate the hop flavours spicy, citrusy, peppery and floral. Banks's Botanical Beer a true taste of yesterday; today; and tomorrow!
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Botanical Pale Ale
    See :Copper
    Smell :Spicy hop, aromatic herbs
    Taste :Clean, fresh, peppery hop

  • Banks's : Cereal Thriller
    Guest Ale :Cereal Thriller
     Banks's Cereal Thriller is a compelling combination of crops - the palest Barley Malt, Malted Wheat and Crystal Oats. This tantalising trio intriguingly intertwine, transforming to a translucent blonde beer with tremendous complexity.
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :3.5
    Style :Multi-grain blonde beer
    See :Shimmering straw gold
    Smell :Floral and slightly sweet
    Taste :Complex, sweet and malty

  • Banks's : Czech Mate
    Guest Ale :Czech Mate
     Scaramouche! Prepare for a real life fantasy - Banks's Czech Mate combines fine Lager Malt with the Bohemian Saaz hop, along with the young pretenders, Sladek and Premian. A fresh, clean, hoppy Pilsner to send shivers down your spine.
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :4.4% Bitter :4 Sweet :1.5
    Style :Bohemian Pilsner
    See :Pale Golden
    Smell :Earthy, Grassy Hops
    Taste :Crisp Bitterness, Firm, Malty Base

  • Banks's : Lion's Roar
    Guest Ale :Lion's Roar
     Banks's has produced a rip-roaring beer for every English football fan to enjoy. This easy drinking, 'belter' of a beer with malty, hoppy flavours and a refreshing clean, bitter 'finish' is a winner every time. Back of the net!
    Brewery :Banks's
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Bitter
    See :Golden brown
    Smell :Slightly hoppy
    Taste :Dry bitter finish

  • Brakspear : Hooray Henley
    Guest Ale :Hooray Henley
     Brewed to a sparkling blonde, Brakspear Hooray Henry is a thirst quenching ale with a zesty aroma and an opulent citrus fruit flavour, balanced by a biscuit blend of lager and ale malts. The perfect drink for a summer's day!
    Brewery :Brakspear
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Pale Blonde Ale
    See :Light Straw
    Smell :Citrus and Gooseberry
    Taste :Gooseberry and Grapefruit

  • Brakspear : Pride of the River
    Guest Ale :Pride of the River
     English hops and barley mixed with a few American fellows to produce a hoppy aromatic classic ale. Brakspear Pride of the River will slate the thirst of mighty oarsmen that do battle on the Thames
    Brewery :Brakspear
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Bitter
    See :Amber
    Smell :Delicately hoppy and fruity
    Taste :Bitter, crisp, balanced

  • Jennings : Blazing Saddles
    Guest Ale :Blazing Saddles
     A classic golden ale brewed using an all malt grist and the finest Cascade hops, perfectly balanced to provide a crisp, clean refreshing taste. Hints of tangy citrus and grapefruit flavours and aromas make this a beer to be proud of from the Jennings stable.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Golden Ale
    See :Golden
    Smell :Hoppy, Lemony, Grapefruit
    Taste :Citrus, Grapefruit, Lemons

  • Jennings : Bloomin' Marvellous
    Guest Ale :Bloomin' Marvellous
     A pale, straw coloured blonde beer with distinctive aromas of citrus grapefruit and a background hint of Honey. Jennings Bloomin' Marvellous also features two additions of Cascade hops married to an all lager malt to give a bloomin' marvellous pint.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :A Bloomin' Blonde
    See :Straw
    Smell :Hoppy & Lemon
    Taste :Citrus & Honey

  • Jennings : Bull's Eye
    Guest Ale :Bull's Eye
     You see red with this light, chestnut beer, but once tasted, you'll know you've hit the Jennings Bull's Eye. A toffee like malty aroma derived from the mix of specially roasted malts used in this traditionally brewed beer. East Kent Goldings are used to provide a delicate hop aroma that is sure to please.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Golden Ale
    See :Golden
    Smell :Hoppy, lemony, grapefruit
    Taste :Citrus flavours

  • Jennings : Cockle Warmer
    Guest Ale :Cockle Warmer
     Ward off Jack Frost with delicious Jennings Cockle Warmer. Crystal and chocolate malt give depth of colour and flavour to this wonderful, winter warmer. Guaranteed to warm your cockles on a cold winters night.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Snow(mans) best friend
    See :Chestnut
    Smell :Malty, Roast
    Taste :Roasted malt

  • Jennings : Cocky Blonde
    Guest Ale :Cocky Blonde
     Brewed on the banks of the River Cocker; this full bodied cocky blonde is sure to satisfy your thirst. Light and refreshing with a delicate hint of strawberry this beer has plenty to boast about.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :1.5 Sweet :2
    Style :Light Bitter
    See :Light Staw Colour
    Smell :Strawberry
    Taste :Fully Bodied, Crisp

  • Jennings : Gold Digger
    Guest Ale :Gold Digger
     Why dig when you only need to scratch the surface with Jennings Gold Digger, a distinctive golden ale? A full flavoured golden bitter, brewed using all Goldings hops. A generous handful of crystal malt has been added to give a delicate flavour and subtle aroma.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Light Bitter
    See :Gold
    Smell :Hoppy, citrus
    Taste :Full, slightly sweet

  • Jennings : High Spy
    Guest Ale :High Spy
     I spy 'High Spy' with my little eye! A refreshing pale ale brewed with Vienna malt giving this beer a delicate citrus and floral finish. As impressive as the Lakeland Fell it is named after.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Pale Ale
    See :-
    Smell :Malty, Citrus, Floral
    Taste :Hoppy, Malty, Crisp

  • Jennings : Pigs Might Fly
    Guest Ale :Pigs Might Fly
     The full flavoured copper coloured Jennings Pigs Might Fly has delicate hints of earthy, sweet, spicy aromas and a background toffee like flavour. Late hopped with traditional English Goldings for extra flavour and aroma.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :3
    Style :Copper Coloured Ale
    See :Copper
    Smell :Floral & Citrus
    Taste :Malty & Robust

  • Jennings : Red Breast
    Guest Ale :Red Breast
     ...Art though the Bird Whom Man loves Best. The pious Bird with the Scarlet Breast. 'William Wordsworth'. Brewed with two English hops and natural coloured malt giving a chestnut red hue to the beer. Jennings Red Breast drinks with a full flavour and a warming glow.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.5% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Strong Festive Ale
    See :Chestnut
    Smell :Malty, Toffee, Chocolate
    Taste :Robust, Roasted, Full

  • Jennings : Sheep Thrills
    Guest Ale :Sheep Thrills
     Tired of following the herd? Hitch a ride and sample the delights of this smooth creamy light refreshing ale. Brewed using pinhead oats this beer has a certain ZING to it.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :2.5 Sweet :3
    Style :Bitter
    See :Old Gold
    Smell :Toffee, Citrus, Grapefruit
    Taste :Malty, Smooth, Floral

  • Jennings : Summit Else
    Guest Ale :Summit Else
     Distinctive aromas of spice and pine derived from the use of carefully selected American hops and the underlying full bodied maltiness of English pale and roasted malts means that this brew is definitely Jennings Summit Else.
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :1
    Style :Peaky Pale Ale
    See :Golden
    Smell :Spicy, Pine, Grapefruit
    Taste :Hoppy, Malty, Fruity

  • Jennings : The World's Biggest Liars
    Guest Ale :The World's Biggest Liars
     Sheds made out of turnips - nonsense! Jennings The World's Biggest Liar is a dark, golden brown coloured bitter with a chocolate, toffee and roasted malt aroma. A biscuity flavour with a dry hop finish. A fantastic beer - and that's no lie!
    Brewery :Jennings
    ABV :4.3% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Bitter
    See :Warm Oak
    Smell :Roasted, Coffee, Chocolate
    Taste :Malty, Roasted, Dry

  • Marston's : Bravo
    Guest Ale :Bravo
     The light caramel hue with a toffee back taste is imparted from the infusion of malts. The Hops impart a spicy, citrus flavour with a hint of blackcurrants. This allows the explosive crisp aromas from the traditional west coast hops to pay homage to the American craft brewing ethos.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :4 Sweet :2.5
    Style :American Hop
    See :Golden
    Smell :Delicate Fresh Hop
    Taste :Explosive Spicy Citrus

  • Marston's : Christmas Pudding
    Guest Ale :Christmas Pudding
     ...Christmas Pudding in a glass! Brewed using Golden Promise malt and Fuggles and Golding hops. This beer has a distinctive nutty, malty character as well as subtle fruity, spicy notes with a hint of cinnamon, but watch out for the sixpence!
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Festive Plum Ale
    See :Copper
    Smell :Spicy Hop, Aromatic Herbs
    Taste :Smooth & Hoppy

  • Marston's : Fever Pitch
    Guest Ale :Fever Pitch
     As the temperature rises to Marston's Fever Pitch for football fans everywhere, this beer is a certain winner. The extremely pale ale combines Maris Otter Malt with East Kent Goldings hops to produce a beer guaranteed to down easier than a continental dive in the box!
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Pale Ale
    See :Pale, gold
    Smell :Spicy, hoppy
    Taste :Balanced, crisp, hoppy

  • Marston's : Help for Heroes
    Guest Ale :Help for Heroes
     Marston's Help for Heroes is a fresh and smooth aromatic ale, brewed with full bodied pale malt, balanced by a zesty, citrus and earthy bouquet from the late addition of enticing and fragrant hops. 5p from every pint goes to Help for Heroes as well!
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Fund Raising 'Heroic' Blonde Ale
    See :Light Gold
    Smell :Cirus Zest
    Taste :Smooth & Hoppy

  • Marston's : King of Swing
    Guest Ale :King of Swing
     Jimmy Anderson, The King of Swing has delivered a refreshing Pale Ale. Brewed by England's leading wicket taker it is full of appetising malt and hop character, as satisfying as any wicket maiden!
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Howzat for a beer!
    See :Golden Brown
    Smell :Floral, Citrus
    Taste :Malty, Robust

  • Marston's : Oyster Stout
    Guest Ale :Oyster Stout
     Our award winning dark, creamy, smooth, clean tasting, English Marston's Oyster Stout is now available as a limited edition on cask. Enjoy it while you can!
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Stout
    See :Amber
    Smell :Delicately hoppy and fruity
    Taste :Bitter, crisp, balanced

  • Marston's : Revisionist Canadian Red
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Canadian Red
     Revisionist Canadian Red is a take on the American Red with a twist of maple syrup! Expect rich red colours from roasted barley and caramalts with a spicy bitterness that cuts through the sweetness of maple syrup. A gentle aroma of grapefruits, pears and peaches enhance the syrupy sweetness.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :4
    Style :Canadian Craft
    See :Amber / Red
    Smell :Spicy Malt & Syrup
    Taste :Roasted Malts, Carmel

  • Marston's : Revisionist Juniper
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Juniper
     Revisionist Juniper is a delicate blonde beer instilled with stunning juniper and rosemary flavours whilst a late aroma hop addition adds a vintage, zesty lemon aroma. A lower bitterness and high PG provide a sweet , full bodied mouthfeel and soft finish.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.4% Bitter :2 Sweet :4
    Style :A Botanical Bitter
    See :Pale as the Moon
    Smell :Citrus, Pepper & Rosemary
    Taste :Light & Sweet

  • Marston's : Revisionist Red
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Red
     Master Brewer Simon Yates focuses his attention on delivering a full flavoured red amber ale, hopped at four separate stages with aromatic hop varieties from New Zealand to produce an easy drinking beer with exotic tropical bitterness and dark fruit hop character
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :South Pacific Red
    See :Russet
    Smell :Sweet Citrus, Slightly Roasty
    Taste :Lime Zest, with Dark Fruit and Gooseberry

  • Marston's : Revisionist Rye Pale Ale
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Rye Pale Ale
     Banks's brewmaster Simon Yates presents an IPA with a twist, inspired by the American craft beer movement, using Rye Crystal malt to create a spicy, nutty flavour. Brewed with five different American hop varieties.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.3% Bitter :4 Sweet :2
    Style :Rye pale ale
    See :Golden brown
    Smell :Citrus fruit and toffee
    Taste :Zesty tropical fruit and dark chocolate

  • Marston's : Revisionist Sardinian Bock
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Sardinian Bock
     Revisionist Sardinian Bock is based on the famous strong, malty German Bock beers. This is a deep golden interpretation of the style. Malts include proportion of Munich giving a firm flavour foundation reminiscent of shortbread, and a pale amber hue.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :5.5% Bitter :2.5 Sweet :4
    Style :Bock Beer
    See :Amber
    Smell :Complex, Spicy, Stone Fruits
    Taste :Spicy and Citrusy

  • Marston's : Revisionist Smoked Beer
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Smoked Beer
     This is a sumptuous ruby beer with a dry, toffee character from roasted crystal rye malt and smokey note imparted from a smoked pale ale malt. Liquorice added to the coppers adds a unique dimension to this beer style, with aromas of berries.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Ruby Liquorice Smoked Beer
    See :Ruby
    Smell :Dark Fruit
    Taste :Earthy, Spicy Bitterness

  • Marston's : Revisionist Steam Beer
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Steam Beer
     Created by brewer Genevieve Upton at the Marston's Brewery in Burton-upon-Trent to deliver her revival of a beer style made popular in California during the 1890's. This 'California Common' steam beer uses yeast fermented at a higher temperature to deliver an amber coloured lager/ale hybrid beer with a characteristically warming fruity flavour.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.7% Bitter :2 Sweet :3
    Style :Steam Beer
    See :Golden amber
    Smell :Fruity
    Taste :Light citrus, fruity and biscuity malt

  • Marston's : Revisionist West Coast IPA
    Guest Ale :Revisionist West Coast IPA
     The light caramel hue with a toffee taste is imparted from the infusion of malts. The hops impart a spicy, citrus flavour with a hint of blackcurrant. This allows the explosive crisp aromas from the traditional Revisionist West Coasthops to pay homage to the American craft brewing ethos.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :5.0% Bitter :4 Sweet :2
    Style :West Coast IPA
    See :Golden
    Smell :Delicate and Fresh Hop
    Taste :Biscuit and Toffee

  • Marston's : Revisionist Wheat
    Guest Ale :Revisionist Wheat
     This beer delivers the clean, crisp distinctive, fruity, spicy clove flavour of a typical wheat beer and adds more fruity hop character and a refreshing, bitter finish through late hopping with a blend of German and Polish varieties. Crafted with a Bavarian yeast and dry hopped with Hersbrucker and Marynka for a refreshing, bitter finish. Please note, this beer is naturally cloudy.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.8% Bitter :2 Sweet :3
    Style :Wheat Beer
    See :Hazy pale gold
    Smell :Spicy clove and banana
    Taste :Banana and clove with a crisp, bitter finish

  • Marston's : Roll of Honour
    Guest Ale :Roll of Honour
     In the WW1 Centenary year Marston's Roll of Honour pays homage to those that have fallen in battle. Based on beer styles from 1914-18, this amber classic balances the bitterness and aroma of classic English hops - Golding and Challenger - with a malty amber elixir and a hint of caramel
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :2
    Style :Bitter
    See :Amber
    Smell :Classic English hop aroma
    Taste :Hoppy Bitterness

  • Marston's : Single Hop Archer
    Guest Ale :Single Hop Archer
     Single Hop Archer is a brand new English hop variety grown in Herefordshire. It's floral with delicate hints of lime and peach. The lime is sweet and almost marmalade like.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Pure British Craft
    See :Amber
    Smell :Floral and Fruity
    Taste :Earthy, Spicy and Subtle Citrus

  • Marston's : Single Hop Belma
    Guest Ale :Single Hop Belma
     Single Hop Belma is a very clean hop with orange, strawberry, pineapple and some grapefruit characters. Pineapple flavours accompany subtle strawberry, melon and citrus notes. Aroma-wise the hop lends strawberry jam backed with citrus.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :4 Sweet :2
    Style :American Amber Ale
    See :Amber
    Smell :Strawberry, Melon, & Citrus
    Taste :Tropical Fruits & Strawberry

  • Marston's : Single Hop Flyer
    Guest Ale :Single Hop Flyer
     Single Hop Flyer uses a hop grown in Bosbury, nestling under the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire. Flyer is a citrusy hop, with aromas of stoned fruits liquorice, treacle toffee and caramel and slight burnt notes. Its bittering characteristics can be best described as spicy, citrus, liquorice and resinous.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :4 Sweet :2
    Style :A New English Hop
    See :Amber
    Smell :Complex and Spicy
    Taste :Spicy, Citrusy, Hints of Pine and Liquorice

  • Marston's : Single Hop German Saphir
    Guest Ale :Single Hop German Saphir
     Single Hop German Saphir is brewed with a hop from deep in the heart of the German Hallertau region. Saphir has spice, fruit and citrus with a distinct hoppy taste.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :German Single Hop
    See :Amber
    Smell :Herbal, Spicy
    Taste :Bold Orange and Spice

  • Marston's : Single Hop Motueka
    Guest Ale :Single Hop Motueka
     Only by crossing a New Zealand bred trial hop with the infamous Czech hop Saaz do you get Motueka, a very lively craft brew. It has lifted lemon and lime flavours followed by a background of tropical fruit.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Kiwi Craft Brew
    See :Amber
    Smell :Floral, Fruity and Herbal
    Taste :Citrus and Floral

  • Marston's : Sweet Chariot
    Guest Ale :Sweet Chariot
     Swing low with the full and fruity Marston's Sweet Chariot, guaranteed to carry you home with a spicy aroma and malty sweet taste to savour every English try and bone crunching tackle.
    Brewery :Marston's
    ABV :4.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Tackle This!
    See :Chestnut
    Smell :Nutty, Malty, Hoppy
    Taste :Grainy, Hoppy

  • Ringwood : Filly Drift
    Guest Ale :Filly Drift
     Drift the time away with Ringwood Filly Drift; a rich brown, easy drinking bitter packing a full bodied, malty taste and fruity hoppy aroma. Best enjoyed with some proper chips.
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :4.7% Bitter :4 Sweet :3
    Style :Rich premium beer
    See :Rich brown
    Smell :Malty, mellow, hoppy
    Taste :FUll bodied, luscious, sweet citrus hops

  • Ringwood : Razorback
    Guest Ale :Razorback
     Ringwood Razorback is a powerful, hoppy IPA, deserving of its name! We have taken the advice (and some of the hops) from our friends at Shipyard Brewery in Maine, USA and added our Ringwood yeast. The result is a rich and golden beer.
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :2.5
    Style :A Sharp IPA
    See :Golden
    Smell :Fruity and Floral
    Taste :Dry and Bitter

  • Ringwood : Shipyard Independence Pale Ale
    Guest Ale :Shipyard Independence Pale Ale
     Shipyard Independence Pale Ale is brewed at Ringwood brewery by Alan Pugsley of Shipyard Brewing Co (previously head brewer at Ringwood). Aromas of lemon and grapefruit hops. Clean, dry and refreshing.
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :4.9% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Transatlantic Triumph
    See :Pale Gold
    Smell :Citrus Hops
    Taste :Crisp Bitterness

  • Ringwood : Showman's Tipple
    Guest Ale :Showman's Tipple
     Visit the Winding Downs and enjoy Ringwood Showman's Tipple. One to quench even the heartiest of thirsts. Originally brewed for workers in the New Forest, and now enjoyed nationwide.
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :2 Sweet :2
    Style :New Forest Bitter
    See :Deep Amber
    Smell :Herbal Spices, Hints of Pine
    Taste :Complex but Light Bodied

  • Ringwood : True Glory
    Guest Ale :True Glory
     A gloriously crafted amber ale with a smooth malty finish
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :4.5% Bitter :2 Sweet :3
    Style :Amber ale
    See :Pale Amber
    Smell :Fruity, malty, fresh spicy
    Taste :Richly malty, slightly nutty

  • Ringwood : XXXX Porter
    Guest Ale :XXXX Porter
     Smooth and laid back - the embodiment of the Ringwood Brewers. Ringwood XXXX Porter is a deep, warm beer, crafted with a smoky finish evokes all that is great about a contemplative pint beside a roaring fire.
    Brewery :Ringwood
    ABV :4.7% Bitter :4 Sweet :3
    Style :Bitter
    See :Dark Ruby
    Smell :Smoky, Roasted Aromas
    Taste :Roasted Malt

  • Wychwood : Bountiful
    Guest Ale :Bountiful
     Bring on the harvest season when the Earth's bounties are shared. Celebrate with Wychwood Bountiful, an ale of tremendous complexity delivering a rich, fruity taste and a stack of cheerful colour.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :3 Sweet :4
    Style :Chestnut Ale
    See :Dark Chestnut
    Smell :Fruity and biscuity
    Taste :Rich, sweet, malty

  • Wychwood : Dirty Tackle
    Guest Ale :Dirty Tackle
     Avoid the scrum and make sure you score an early try as Wychwood Dirty Tackle makes a winning return. A full-bodied, malty beer with a clean, citrus aroma tackles your taste buds and kicks its opponents into touch.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.0% Bitter :4 Sweet :3
    Style :Tackle This BItter
    See :Dark Amber
    Smell :Aromatic, Spicy
    Taste :Luscious, Hoppy and Subtle Citrus

  • Wychwood : Fiddler's Elbow
    Guest Ale :Fiddler's Elbow
     Wychwood Fidler's Elbow is a lighter style wheat infused ale. The addition of the choicest English wheat malt complements the flavoursome Styrian Golding hops. The end result is a wonderful combination of citrus and floral aroma, with tart fruit flavours and a hoppy, fruity finish.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :2.5 Sweet :2
    Style :Wheat Beer
    See :Straw
    Smell :Citrus & Floral
    Taste :Citrus Fruits

  • Wychwood : Full Brazilian
    Guest Ale :Full Brazilian
     Wychwood Full Brazlian is a full bodied 'Goal'den ale, a cut above the rest. The fantasy formation kicks off with Target hops supported by a back line of First Gold for a robust and exciting match. You'll wax lyrical about the dominant El Dorado hop finish of exotic fruit flavours.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.4% Bitter :4 Sweet :1
    Style :'Goal'den Ale
    See :Burnished Gold
    Smell :Tropical fruit, orange citrus
    Taste :Orange, lemon and floral hops

  • Wychwood : Goddess
    Guest Ale :Goddess
     The great mother hop is powerful and keeps giving with its fresh/friendly lemon and floral notes. Combined with lightly kilned pale malt for a refreshing beer bringing light where there was once dark.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.1% Bitter :4 Sweet :2
    Style :Blonde beer
    See :Shimmering Blonde
    Smell :Floral, exotic fruits
    Taste :Tropical fruits & citrus hops

  • Wychwood : Hayburner
    Guest Ale :Hayburner
     Wychwood Hayburner is here! Savour the burnt notes of the toasted barley. A deep, golden ale brewed with USA Warrior hops releasing a resinous and pine aroma.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.2% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :1.5
    Style :Deep golden ale
    See :Deep gold
    Smell :Freshly hoppy
    Taste :Punchy bitterness fragrant hop

  • Wychwood : Imperial Red
    Guest Ale :Imperial Red
     Do not fear the Wychwood Imperial Red who comes in peace to liberate your taste buds with his robust, yet succulent beer. A toasted malt flavour balanced by a bold hop delivered in a rich russet beer. Enjoy the majesty and raise the red standard in celebration.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.3% Bitter :3.5 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Taking Charge
    See :Deep Ruby Beer
    Smell :Fruity, Biscuity
    Taste :Toasted Caramel and Malt

  • Wychwood : January's Ale
    Guest Ale :January's Ale
     Wychwood January's Ales crystal malt produces a warming amber colour and combined with the addition of Challenger and Northdown hops which provide this session beer a distinct quaffable character to toast away the New Year blues!
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Bewitching Chestnut Ale
    See :Chestnut
    Smell :Sweet, Balanced
    Taste :Rounded, Full Flavoured

  • Wychwood : PumpKing
    Guest Ale :PumpKing
     This rich, ruby ale is brewed with pumpkin and mace to add a gently warming seasonal spiciness. Hints of toffee and a luscious depth of dried fruit and caramel are perfectly balanced by complex hop flavours. Don't be tricked, Wychwood PumpKing is the perfect Halloween treat!
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :4
    Style :Ruby ale
    See :Deep auburn
    Smell :Fruity and biscuity
    Taste :Rich, sweet, malty

  • Wychwood : Snow Belle
    Guest Ale :Snow Belle
     Hark! Saviour Snow Belle, rich fruity Belle. Merrily she brings songs of good cheer, Christmas is here. Fragrant dried fruit cinnamon and gruit, Ding, dong, ding, dong that is her song. Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas...
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :4.3% Bitter :2 Sweet :3
    Style :Spiced Christmas Ale
    See :Darl Amber
    Smell :Dried Fruits, Cinnamon and Cloves
    Taste :Mixed Christmas Fruits

  • Wychwood : The Dog's Bollocks
    Guest Ale :The Dog's Bollocks
     Standing out from the crowd Wychwood The Dog's Bollocks is an old favourite returns that always lives up to its name! Pale gold, well rounded flavours warm the pallet and come together with a hint of nuts, resulting in a robust, fulsome aroma that hangs low ' til the last. A great excuse to go and see a man about a dog.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :5.2% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :Golden ale
    See :Straw yellow
    Smell :Fragrant citrus
    Taste :Fruity, spicy hop

  • Wychwood : Toasty Oasty
    Guest Ale :Toasty Oasty
     This deep amber ale uses whole hearted Oxfordshire hops to leave you with a warming glow
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :2
    Style :Malty Rye beer
    See :Amber
    Smell :Toffee, herbal spice, bready
    Taste :Spicy, toasty, hints of liquorice

  • Wychwood : Toothless Hooker
    Guest Ale :Toothless Hooker
     Prop up the bar with Wychwood Toothless Hooker! The biscuit and raisin flavours will sidestep the opposition. A cheeky slap of three hop additions convert to a floral, orange peel citrus and almost spicy aroma. A moderate bitterness provides the perfect result.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.9% Bitter :5 Sweet :2.5
    Style :Knockout Hops
    See :Chestnut
    Smell :Sweet, Balanced
    Taste :Malty, Biscuit and Raisin

  • Wychwood : Whitewych
    Guest Ale :Whitewych
     Seductive and shimmering, Wychwood White Wych is a taste of liquid sunshine. A blonde ale with enchanting floral scents and a zesty, citrus finish... White Wych will soon make you forget it's raining.
    Brewery :Wychwood
    ABV :3.8% Bitter :3 Sweet :3
    Style :A Blonde Dream
    See :Blonde
    Smell :Mandarin & Lime Zest
    Taste :Citrus & Malt

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