The Vine, Shavington

The Vine, Shavington and surround.

The Vine, Shavington, Cheshire - an Introduction

Welcome to the Vine, Shavington, friendly, community public house well known for its live music and local sports teams. This venue has been well established within the heart of the village as a celebrated local hot spot for teams of darts and dominoes, football and motor cyclist clubs to meet and socialise with people of similar interests.

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As a music venue, The Vine has been fortunate to have local live bands of all ages and music genres from acoustic to loud rock, appealing to all ages. Guest stars have included the local guitar hero Jim Kirkpatrick, who of course features alongside Steve Heyse and Les Hunt, from the 60's band Hunter. The music sessions have given young people from Shavington High School the valuable opportunity to show their skills to their future audiences. The Vine has been a showcase for many bands both local and further afield and has raised money for charities close to the heart of the locals of many years.

With the spacious outdoor area we are lucky enough to have a fabulous family space where all can enjoy the sunny weather in the summer and relax with the children playing on the activity playground.

The darts teams, both male and female have brought in people of all ages to come together and participate in a new hobby and learning a new skill in some cases. Many trophies have been collected for the pub over the many years that these teams have been playing, bringing trade for this venue as well as visiting others, demonstrating the value that these teams have provided for the local communities.

Many use the venue as a meeting place to discuss the important aspects of their factions, be it the local pantomime crew or motor cycle meets. Many of different companies have used the facilities of The Vine to come together to share ideas and experiences, including the WI.

Real ales are a favourite with the locals which change regularly. Fine wine can also be purchased and there is a good selection of bottled drinks on offer for the more fruity palette. For those more sensible and younger customers there is a wide choice of soft drinks, giving something for all.